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ReGenerate Illinois is made up of a Leadership Council, Action Circles, Learning Communities, and a larger, inclusive Network.


Participating in the Network means signing up for a Google Listserv and following or contributing to rich conversation around Illinois' food and farming system. 

We encourage bakers, chefs, dieticians, eaters, environmentally aware citizens, industry leaders, nonprofit staff, researchers, and more to join this community of conversation. ReGenerate Illinois envisions this listserv to be a space where individuals can pose questions related to our food and farming system, find collaborators for upcoming projects, or even discuss current trending topics. The possibilities for how we engage are endless and we look forward to the future of this network!

To sign up for the Google Listserv, visit:


ReGenerate Illinois is currently hosting one Learning Community, the IDEA Farm Network (IFN). The IDEA Farm Network aims to expand the adoption of practices by the agriculture and landowner community that have regenerative outcomes. The IFN is a space that catalyzes ideas and approaches that balance farm productivity, profitability, and environmental health. Members meet regularly outside of the listserv to discuss timely issues, learn about different farming methods, explore new equipment, and learn from member farms. 


To join the IDEA Farm Network, sign up for the Google Listserv through their contact form

You can also check out some of the IDEA Farm Network's recent events on their YouTube channel.


Do you have an idea for a new learning community? Contact the Leadership Council at We would love to hear your ideas!


The Leadership Council is a leadership group composed of council members representative of the larger Network, that serves as the main decision making body of ReGenerate Illinois. To inquire about joining the Leadership Council, email with "Leadership Council Inquiry" as the subject.


Action circles are project-based collaborative groups convened to carry out the purpose of the Network. If you would like to participate in an Action Circle or propose an idea for an Action Circle, first, join the Network and second, reach out to the Leadership Council at

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