What We Do

ReGenerate IL is a coordinating space that brings together and facilitates a diverse group of champions and thought leaders. We support regenerative farming and ranching practices that produce a variety of food crops that work with nature. We support teams that are seeking to bring regenerative practices to a variety of organic cropping systems--grains, livestock, nuts, berries and legumes, vegetables, and others.

We collaborate with farmers and ranchers, landowners who live on the farm and those who don’t, researchers and policy specialists, conservationists, health and nutrition advocates, chefs, food and beverage entrepreneurs, people who feed people, people who want to eat healthy food, and anyone who wants to create a healthier farming and food system for Illinois.

We provide thought leadership and action to move the design of a regenerative farming and food system forward.

We tell the stories of those who are pioneering and championing regeneration across Illinois.

We seek to protect farmers in the marketplace so they are supported to protect the land they farm and ultimately build land-conserving communities.

We explore arrangements that would help farmers negotiate a fair price for their crops for a variety of local, regional and institutional markets.

We champion policies that help to advance regenerative agriculture on small and medium sized farms across Illinois and beyond.

We seek diverse markets--local and regional--that place value on farmers who raise crops and livestock with holistic practices that regenerate soil and grassland, protect water and ecosystems, and provide healthy food for all.

We encourage food entrepreneurs who connect with their communities to build a fair and just local food system.

We support food aggregation strategies that reduce the number of miles that food travels, makes nutritious food available to all, and builds capacity of people to purchase and prepare healthy food for themselves.

We connect with and learn from others across the U.S. and around the world that are regenerating soil and ecosystems for food production and co-creating vibrant local food systems and economies.  We seek to learn from local food systems that help farmers make a just and fair living, nourish people--especially the food insecure--while rebuilding rural and urban communities through healthy food.

We leverage resources to grow the regenerative movement and achieve this vision together.

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IFN workshop
Will G - Adam in soil pit
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