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ReGenerate Illinois is a diverse and inclusive network of farmers, nonprofits, for profits, researchers, and individuals.


Our vision is a food and agriculture system that produces: 

  • Abundant biodiversity, soil organic matter, water quality, and supply on farms and beyond

  • Economically prosperous farms

  • Diverse and healthy communities that nurture strong local food cultures

  • Local and regional food system security

  • Resilient and healthy local food economies

  • Access to nutritious, safe, affordable, and locally grown food for all Illinois communities


The mission of ReGenerate Illinois is to develop and steward an inclusive statewide network that builds connections to foster powerful ideas and actions to shape a future where Illinois has a strong, representative, and resilient food system that is rooted in regenerative agriculture. Together, we are fostering a tide of new regenerative farmers and food value change that aligns with a healthy environment, resilient communities, and consumer demand, all underpinned by meaningful policy and research.


Our values are the fundamental beliefs and qualities that guide our conduct, as well as our relationship with the people of Illinois. Members strive to be prosocial, by incorporating the following practice agreements into our work and in our relationships with one another:

  • Be transparent and positive

  • Listen carefully with an open mind, and recognize and value diverse perspectives

  • Support a trusting, safe, and respectful table where we strive to include a seat for the never-served

  • Drive towards our mission and vision

  • Support collaboration and healthy relationships

  • Continuous learning with analysis based on qualitative and quantitative data, and a commitment to actionable and measurable outcomes

  • Utilize long-term, holistic, and systemic thinking wherever possible while making space for exploration and creative thinking

  • Have fun!

We actively practice Prosocial's Core Design Principles, which include: shared identity and purpose, equitable distribution on contribution and benefits, fair and inclusive decision making, monitoring agreed on behaviors, graduated response to helpful and unhelpful behavior, fast and fair conflict resolution, authority to self govern, and collabortaive relations with other groups.


ReGenerate Illinois' Leadership Council consists of members from the following organizations:

  • Basil's Harvest

  • Delta Institute

  • Food Works

  • Illinois Stewardship Alliance

  • Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT

  • Local Food Forum

  • Prairie Rivers Network

  • Savanna Institute

  • The Land Connection

  • The Strategic Collaboration Group, Inc.

ReGenerate Illinois was founded through the hardwork of organizations and individuals committed to a food and farming system rooted in regenerative agriculture, and with generous financial support from Food:Land:Opportunity and The Lumpkin Family Foundation.

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