ReGenerate IL

Cultivating the Power of Regeneration

Regenerative practices have the power to restore farm health, resilience, and biodiversity, protect water and wildlife, and bring vibrant opportunities to communities.

Restore Farm Health

Using basic ecological principles, regenerative farming practices rebuild soil organic matter, store carbon, increase water use efficiency and protect the water cycle, eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizer, protect biodiversity, and produce nutritious food. 

Restore Water Quality

Healthy, living soil protects water and improves water infiltration. Continuous living plants above ground reduce runoff and help stabilize soil surface temperatures. The reduction or elimination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers protect aquatic life and water quality.

Restore Wildlife

Increased on-farm biodiversity incorporates living fencerows, buffers, diversified and innovative cropping systems and the creation of permanent, minimally disturbed habitat.

Restore Communities

Individual farms and communities are grown and supported through practices that improve quality of life, protect heath, provide healthy nutritious food, offer employment, and diversify local economies.

About ReGenerate IL

We are a diverse group of champions who believe in the power of regeneration and lead its expansion across Illinois and the region. Like Wendell Berry, we encourage the kind of farming that takes nature as its measure, consults the genius of place, and accepts no permanent harm to the ecosphere.

ReGenerate IL partner organizations include: Prairie Rivers Network, U of I Extension, Iroquois Valley Farms, LLC, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, The Land Connection, Illinois Environmental Council, IDEA Farm Network, University of Illinois Crop Sciences, Fresh Taste, Earth’s New Ways, LLC, Delta Institute, FoodWorks of Southern Illinois, Basil's Harvest, and Illinois farmers pioneering small grains research and production on their farms.   


We are striving together to increase our understanding of what works in Illinois through experience and exploration.

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ReGenerate Illinois Convening

Our Vision

Illinois’ food system regenerates healthy soils, farms, and communities.

Our Mission

To cultivate an equitable food system that empowers Illinois communities to create local food options that are nutritious, viable for farmers, and regenerate Illinois’ precious soil, water, and wildlife.

In August 2020, ReGenerate Illinois hosted a virtual convening featuring five food entrepreneurs who successfully adapted their businesses in the face of the COVID19 pandemic. While the struggles of 2020 deeply affected many, these leaders reimagined their businesses and found new, innovative paths forward. You can watch the convening through the link below or access our convening brief which highlights the stories of those food entrepreneurs and the rich discussion food system leaders around the state of Illinois contributed. 

Watch the Convening


Read the Brief